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  From an early age, my heart would always beat a little faster when I was creating things. I would film amateur home movies with my brothers and cousin, using an old tape camcorder and an early 2000s laptop computer camera that made my shots look like a pixelated Pablo Picasso painting. They were hardly great films to watch, but creating these paved the way for my love for videography and eventually photography. 

  After graduating from the University of Colorado, I set off to feed the voracious appetite I had (and still have) for creating, traveling, and exploring the unknown. I have continued to film and edit videos ever since, all the while improving my craft and my gear. I continue to strive for excellence in my craft to this day and rarely take a day off of improving.


  My intense passion for filmmaking and storytelling has found a perfect companion in helping passionate businesses and people achieve their vision for videos to take their businesses and brands to the next level. 

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